Moving Sale

It's been a while since I spent time in this little space of mine.  Some seasons come and go so quickly, and before I know it summer is not only here, but seems almost over.  

This past year has been fast paced with so many events and exciting things going on.  One of which we are thrilled about, is moving into our first house next month!  We've been moving every year since we started college 10 years ago and now we are in a place that we can own.  We hope this is our last move for a while because packing and unpacking is something we are pret-ty tired of doing!  

So this year, as I move my LBF studio space one more time, I wanted to have a moving sale to help clean out some inventory as well as give customers a chance to buy now since I will be closed for a couple weeks during the moving process.  How does 20% off your total purchase of $20 or more sound?!  

*Use coupon code MOVINGSALE at checkout to receive your discount*

As always, thank you for following & sharing LBF!

> Michelle <

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