Brickyard Buffalo Vendor

Have you ever shopped on Brickyard Buffalo's website?  I'm continually amazed at the style these girls represent and the unique items and talents they bring to their site.  If you are unfamiliar with Brickyard Buffalo, it is a small group of girls that created an online market that features items at a discounted price.  Most of the items they showcase are from handmade shop owners like myself.  Since we are moving very soon (yaaaaaay!!) I wanted to offer another sale since I will be closed for a couple weeks during the transition into our new house.  From now until the 25th or while supplies last, you can get my printed raglan baby shirts for 25% off retail value!  Which means they are only $13.45!  That's the most I have ever discounted them!

There are five different designs in three sizes (while supplies last) to choose from at checkout.  To view this deal, visit here!

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