Craftin' Outlaws Show

This past weekend I set up shop for the first time at Craftin Outlaws.  I was excited, exhausted and anxious to see how things would go and what my booth would look like once completely set up.

It was very difficult preparing for this show.  I was so excited to have been accepted, only two find out shortly after that I needed to have surgery on my knee, which resulted in six weeks of crutches. However, I was determined to be there.  With so much help from my dad, (those words don't even do it justice...) I was able to still participate!  Together we had hand cut and sewn/hand sewn 175+ dog collar accessories and set up our booth with four (really cool I might add) spray painted ironing board displays.
I seriously couldn't believe we did it all in time!

The show was a success for LBF and I will keep applying in the future.  I can't say thank you enough to everyone that helped along the way and to my amazing friends and brother-in-law + sister-in-law that drove up from Dayton to see me!  I am so blessed to have such supportive people in my life.  This show was a lot of fun, and I was glad to be a part of it.

Thank you to everyone that has called, texted, or emailed me about my recovery and my show.
My shop is now open again, with plenty of ready to ship collar accessories!

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