Customer Love

When I first opened my shop, I didn't have all of my social sites up and running.  I wasn't as concerned with connecting with customers, because quite honestly, I didn't realize at the time that this was such a big part of the handmade business world.  
Little did I know...

Connecting with customers has been one of the best things with managing an online handmade business. It gives me a chance to "meet" the people who are interested in buying my products.  I am able to connect with them and find out how they discovered my shop, who it is they are buying for and in some cases, see family photos with their LBF products included.  *Thank you to the customers above for sharing these beautiful wedding photos! :)

It's actually kind of amazing.
Pinterest has allowed people (and myself) to share their favorite products of mine so others can see and shop them.
Facebook gives customers the chance to comment and share photos, as well as keep up to date with new products and LBF news.
And twitter, well, it's just fun to see what's going on with all of my handmade friends inside their studios and out.  

Connecting with customers and other handmade businesses is huge!  It's an instant burst of adrenaline when you see a message from a customer sharing photos and telling you how much they love their order. It's a sweet reminder from another handmade business owner you've met letting you know that hard times will get better, or maybe next year you will get into that juried show.  It's a connection that feels like even though I am staring at the computer screen, I feel like I am talking face to face with a new friend.

I really encourage you to start a blog and Facebook page.  Not necessarily to find more people to follow you, but so those customers can get to know the person behind the product.  So you can meet like-minded people to share interests with and be inspired by.  Try it!

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Jayma DuChene said...

Very cool! Love this :)

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Love this post! And those photos are so cute!!! Maybe Buster can share a wedding photo one of these days ;)