Building A Home

Coming Soon:
Our first house!

This summer my husband, pups and I will move into our first house!  I sometimes still can't believe we are at this stage in our lives; buying our first place.  It's been really hard to focus on things outside of house hunting/planning, paint colors and furniture shopping.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you will notice I have been saving a lot of inspiration photos for our new place!

It is such an exciting time.  I hope this is how everyone feels or felt when they made the first step and purchased their first home.  It's the place you may start a family in, host holidays, decorate however you choose and create memories in.  

We are so excited for the simple pleasures of owning a home like having a driveway, a backyard, and trash + recycling cans in our garage.  We are excited to have a place for friends and family to eat dinner comfortably and we are very excited for the dogs to have a backyard and room to run around.  The waiting game will be a little difficult for my excitement level, but at the same time know it will be here before we know it.  

Now that the initial first month of our building process is over, I feel ready to shift my focus back to sewing and networking.  Time has gone by so quickly, that it's time to play catch up on my favorite shops and blogs!  

If you are a home owner, I would love to hear any advice or home inspiration that you turn to! 

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Jayma DuChene said...

Congrats!!!! Our house is two months away from being completed so I am there with you on the feeling of excitement!!! :) SO happy for the two of you... and your pups!