While I Was Away


It feels like forever since I last sat down at my computer, in LBF studios and prepared for an order, blog post or new ideas.  I knew when the holidays rolled around that I wanted to put my shop on vacation mode to take a break from orders.  I wanted to relax, enjoy the beautiful season and create new things.  

What I didn't plan on doing was...nothing.  

I am the kind of person who over thinks everything.  In general, I am just always deep in thought.  So, [surprise!] I have been doing a lot of thinking lately.  

When December rolled around, I felt like I needed a break.  Desperately.  The truth though is that I was not sure what I needed the break from; Sewing, LBF, internet, (fill in the blank...)  

I got in my head that I needed a break to do this, this and that and it was going to happen to refuel myself.  What I discovered was that I needed to figure out ways to keep myself going.  The things that make/made me truly happy and keep those the priority in my everyday.  Then I wouldn't get to the point that I feel desperately in need of that break.

The past several months have seemed to be on a downward slope for me.  I can't explain why or how exactly, but I know I haven't felt the same.  I've been a little more mopey, less inspired and out of touch with the things that I enjoyed so much before.  

When I think about these things, I realized that I haven't created a new art project since we moved to Dayton this past summer.  I haven't taken a walk through the woods one time.  I have not made a new friend in the area and I haven't taken near as many photos, which is my favorite hobby.  I can choose to continue to throw pity parties, or I can choose to get out and discover new places in Dayton, similar to my favorites I loved so much in Cleveland.  Because the truth is, our happiness is only going to go as far as we take it.  If we are out living the life we were created to live, we will be blessed by it.  If we put all of our happiness into one person (spouse, friend, family member), place or thing, we are missing out on so much.  While I am happiest when I am spending quality time with my husband, I know there are so SO many other things in this life that give me joy, and I need...I am...going to make it a priority to recognize those things.

The new year is always a new start, and I am choosing to change my attitude in 2013.

This year, my word is Create.  

I want to create more memories, create new relationships/friendships, create more art projects and create more positive thoughts about myself, my ability and where happiness is found.

I hope you all have really enjoyed your holiday season with your loved ones!  I am excited to be back and take a look at what all of my blog friends have been up to while I was away.

If you are looking for some extra encouragement to begin 2013, read this wonderful post from Ashley at The Shine Project.  She is a beautiful person.

5 friendly comments:

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

I love this post and so needed to hear it! It is so easy to throw a pity party. I am so excited for this new year, and I am believing God has big things in store for 2013! Happy New Year!! xoxo

Karrie Bowman said...

You are not alone with these feelings! When I moved to the Washington, D.C. area from my hometown of Louisville, KY over 6 years ago, I only knew one person (which was my now ex-boyfriend). It became so easy and comfortable to just spend time and focus on him and I, not realizing that I was losing my individual identity and forgetting about all of the little things that made me happy. After a few years, I had made acquaintances, but not many friends, and I was missing out on what this amazing area has to offer. It all hit me one day that while I thought I was happy, I truly was not. After that, I started going to exhibits at all of the DC museums (I'm a history geek), started running again, found a local recreational softball league, I took a photography class, a painting class, finally got to become better friends with my acquaintances and just started to find and do all of the little things that truly made me happy. The biggest step is realizing what it is that you're missing and work towards bringing it back into your life. You can have the most healthy relationship with your spouse, but still be missing something that brings you happiness as an individual. I wish you all the luck in bringing those joys back into your life :)

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Oh my word, I literally laughed out load with Stanley and his squishy cheek :)

I loved this post, friend! I like seeing a bit more of your heart. I'm a thinker, too, and seem to be thinking extra much lately. I think it's very positive that you're at a point where you recognize the need for change and hope you can discover many new blessings this year in your new home town. Love and miss you!

Michelle Sharkey said...

@Karrie Bowman
Karrie, this really touched my heart. It is so nice to know there are other people out there that shared those feelings and can relate and encourage!

I vacationed in DC a couple years ago and was amazed at all it had to offer. My husband is also a huge history buff and I am very into art. Together, DC is the perfect place for us! I am glad you discovered the museums, classes and met new people. I bet DC can be a wonderful place to live once you find all the hidden gems.

Thank you so much for your comment.

Michelle Sharkey said...

@Natalie @ NS Pottery
Thanks Natalie! I remember you encouraging me at lunch one day to try and blog more personal, and I think this is the year I begin doing just that! It feels nice to be able to get it out, write it down, and share with someone. I hope you are doing well!