Christmas Break


Iv'e been a little out of touch lately.  Sometimes you plan for something, and then when the time rolls around, things change or just don't happen.  I closed my shop a little over a week ago and have spent this past week relaxing.  When I thought about Christmas season this year, I was so excited to decorate our new apartment, try baking new recipes and make as many handmade gifts as possible.  Well, that didn't happen this year.  And honestly, I feel ok about it.  Because no matter what, Jesus' birthday and Christmas celebrations are still going to happen on December 24 + 25 just like every year.  I will still see my family, give gifts that I put a lot of thought into and spend quality time with husband.  

I've really enjoyed the past couple weeks spending my days freely.  Although I have not kept up with my Christmas to-do list, I have been able to spend a lot of time with the pups (one of which is sick and just a mess with allergies ^) and attend Christmas parties with my husband.  I've let life happen at a slow pace lately and I love it.  Sometimes I think this season is more stressful than it should be...Finding the right gifts, having your Christmas shopping done by a certain date, planning meals and what to bake, school plays, parties....  

No matter what stage of Christmas preparations you are in, finished or barely begun, I hope that you really enjoy this upcoming weekend and week with family and friends.  

I am off to wrap gifts, and hang a couple decorations around the house to surprise hubby when he gets home from work!

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JLD said...

Love your post! Taking time to slow down has been hard for me... but when I do, I definitely love it too! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Michelle!! :) Much Love..