Tote Bags


There's a new item listed in my shop!  

The other day I screen printed a couple of tote bags and they seem to already have a pretty good response.  The tote bags are all natural heavy duty canvas cotton bags that are printed in black ink.  I love the idea of tote bags.  Who doesn't need a bag to carry things to work, school, the library, grocery, play dates...

See.  Everyone needs a tote bag!  It's just what style of tote do you want to carry.  If you are an Abraham Lincoln lover, or as big of a fan of boston terriers as I am, I would suggest hopping on over to my shop and taking a look!

2 friendly comments:

kels said...

hiya! just stumbled upon your blog! love it! :) these bags are awesome! :) happy friday!

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

I love these bags! Hope you are having a great week friend! I can't believe Christmas is so close!!! :) xoxo