Papa Feather

This week I am preparing to reopen my shop!  It's been a really nice one month vacation and my sewing machine and I are together again at last.  

I think about the end of last year and how much my dad helped me.  Willingly he would come over to my apartment at least once a week and would sit in my little studio space, listen to music, cut fabric and we would talk about whatever it was that was on our minds that day.  We would often joke about the fact that we never thought I would be back in Dayton so soon, running a handmade sewing business with two dogs and making bow ties.  What is even more funny to us though, is that we never thought my dad would have retired from his family business by the age that he did, and become his daughter's assistant with her handmade business sewing accessories for dogs!  My mom and husband get a kick out of it too.

My dad is someone who is very special to me.  I've always felt like he understands me and comes from a creative mindset himself.  He has encouraged me from day one with Little Blue Feathers and has never once told me he didn't think it would work, or that I should wait to pursue my dreams or business.  My dad has pushed me to think about new designs and given me input on fabric types that would sell well in his opinion.  He proudly keeps a stack of business cards in his wallet and has promoted LBF to people like his dentist, people in line at McDonalds, friends at church and just about anyone that talks about their dogs while he is around.  I call him my lead marketer!

Something I always value about my dad is his advice.  My dad and his family ran a successful carpet business for many years.  He is always starting out sentences with, "I know carpet is different than accessories, but I always found that....."  or "I know how you feel.  With the carpet business I would...."
Although our businesses were worlds apart (fun fact, my family ran their business successfully with NO computers!  Craaaaazy, right?!  My business wouldn't even exist without a computer!) he always has a story to compare situations that can help me through a little rut.  My dad has always taught me that if you are going to do something, you do it right.  I've also learned from my dad that it might take a little extra time to do something a certain way, but it's worth doing it right the first time than going back and trying to correct something that would have just taken an extra minute to do the first time.  That dad of mine, he's a smart cookie.

I am glad that my dad is continuing to help myself and LBF.  Around here, Papa Feather has become a big part of my business and I am very thankful to have the opportunity to live close to each other and have this father-daughter bonding time.  I will treasure this time together always.  

3 friendly comments:

It's Sooo Fluffy! said...

Your dad sounds awesome!

I'm so glad he's been supportive. I LOVE my pup's little bowtie I ordered from you :)

Jayma DuChene said...

The respect you show for your father is very admirable. I can see that where you are now is because you took initiative and God guided you....and you let Him guide you. You are an inspiration to me. And always will be. My children are slowly but surely growing Little Blue Feather closets, and I hope that someday, if I have the extra money.... my closet and theirs will be mostly LBF! Keep going Michelle... you are amazing to me! Hugs!!!

p.s. I will always support your business. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help it grow the way you want it to.

Little Blue Feathers said...

@Jayma DuChene Thank you, Jayma! That is so sweet. I remember back to a time in my life where I just felt lost and didn't know where God wanted me, and what direction I was being lead. Now, I can't imagine doing anything else! You are such an encouragement to others Jayma. I really appreciate you :) Thank you for always supporting Little Blue Feathers, myself + my business adventures. I will definitely keep in touch about a possible team up in the near future with LBF items!