The game didn't turn out so well, but we had a lot of fun in Miami together!

Remember when I mentioned that husband and I love going on trips, and that we had one more impulsive little trip planned before I returned to work?!  Well, if you follow me on instagram then you probably saw that we were no longer in Snowy Ohio, but in sunny southern Florida.  


Husband and I started talking last year about taking a big trip this spring to somewhere warm and tropical.  We didn't have a set date, more just ideas of when and where.  We thought about Hawaii or the Bahamas and knew we should start saving money.  

Fast forward 6 months...

Notre Dame went undefeated in their regular season and was headed to Miami for the National Championship Game.  This was my husband's dream come true.  Justin has grown up a Notre Dame fan his entire life and we had no idea when this could happen again.  It felt like this was a trip of a lifetime, and decided to hop on a plane and travel to Miami to support Notre Dame!  (and of course enjoy a couple days in the sun)  Because after all, Hawaii, cruises and tropical destinations will still be there for years to come.  The last time Notre Dame did this was 1988.  We knew what we needed to do.

After talking with my husband's cousins that are also Notre Dame fans, we all booked plane tickets, a hotel and bought game tickets at the very last minute as the game was starting.  We were in the game and it was awesome!

However, I'm sure anyone that has a TV, Facebook, ESPN app or a family member that likes football knows the outcome of the game.  It did not go so keep it short and simple.

Although the game was a bummer, we still got to experience the thrill of traveling to the BCS championship.  We still got to enjoy Miami for three days and showed our support and loyalty as fans.  I still think this was a trip we will always remember, but instead of it being for ND winning the championship, it will be for being spontaneous and having an awesome time exploring Miami with cousins and being care free without a plan.  

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

Looks like you had a wonderful and amazing time. GREAT blog by the way!

Little Blue Feathers said...

@Optimistic Existentialist Thank you! It was a great experience!