Little Blue Feathers Is Open For Business

My shop is open again!  I am so excited about my new fabrics, product photos and felt color options.  Not to mention, the new items coming to my shop very soon!  Bow ties, regular ties and hair accessories will be here before you know it.

When I started sewing again, I took all of my pattern pieces and adjusted them slightly.  There were small changes that I wanted to make or add that would lead to an even better design and quality piece.  It's something I am always thinking about.... What could make this even better?  Then when I see the new product, I think to myself -- I should have been doing it this way all along!  That's the thing with growing your business, you are always learning.

This break was a really great thing for me and LBF.  I took time off, looked into some new suppliers, took a look at 2012 as a whole on what my customers were really loving the most, set some new goals and am even working with my favorite web designer on opening up another way for customers to shop LBF!

I am ready for 2013!
Lets do this.

4 friendly comments:

It's Sooo Fluffy! said...

How exciting! Brody is still wearing his Christmasy bowtie I ordered from you haha I will have to order a new one!

Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs. said...

Loving all the new choices... such cute pictures!

Little Blue Feathers said...

@It's Sooo Fluffy! haha! I love that he is still wearing his Christmas attire :) Stanlee's birthday is tomorrow and I am going to be offering a coupon code on my FB page. Just an FYI :) :)

Little Blue Feathers said...

@Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs. Thank you Beth! :)