Happy Birthday Stanlee

pink plaid dog bow tie

This weekend we celebrated Stanlee's 5th birthday.  I can't believe the little guy is five.  Kids, they just grow up so quickly...

Every year on Stanlee's birthday, I think about how cute he must have been as a puppy.  We adopted him when he was a little over a year old, and we never got to experience the puppy stage with him.  I'm sure some of my favorite Stanlee traits were even cuter on his 3 month old self!  There is something unique about this little guy.  Something that really has a hold of mine and husband's heart.

My computer holds hundreds (honestly, probably 1,000+) pictures of Stanlee.  I love looking through the photos of Stanlee after a product shoot and finding the pictures with the most expressive faces.  I thought it would be fun to add some captions to his pictures.  Because I think it's a common thing for pet owners to make up dialog and voices for their four legged family members ;) ;)

If you are new here and just getting to know Stanlee, these are the things that make us love him so very much:

  • His mismatched ears
  • His expressive face
  • The way he loves to curl up and snuggle under covers
  • The way his skin has black spots all over it, but his hair is white on top of the spots
  • When Stanlee gets so excited he hops around in circles
  • The fact that he is such a morning dog and is so excited to see us when we wake up
  • His loyalty

Happy 5th Stanlee!

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