Local Spotlight: Bonnett's Book Store

The husband and I are all about exploring new places.  New restaurants, shops, coffee houses, markets and parks are always exciting to us.

When we moved back to the southwest Ohio area this past summer, we said we wanted (and needed) to rediscover the Dayton area.  Although we grew up in a town south of Dayton, we have not lived in the area for a long time and rarely did we as young kids venture out of our southern Dayton suburb.  Now we are soaking up as much new scenery as we can and finding hidden gems that we didn't know existed before.

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Recently, we have spent a lot of time in the downtown Dayton area.  We have always loved city life and the unique shops and restaurants that accompany a city.  While walking through the Oregon District one day, we stopped at a pizza place for a late lunch and then hit up some of the local shops.

One of the stores we found ourselves in was Bonnett's Books.  I am going to be honest here, I was a little nervous to enter.  There were books everywhere.  Husband being the book lover that he is, said let's go in and see what it's all about, and before we knew it we were pulling several Abraham Lincoln books off the shelf.

Bonnett's Books is a buy, sell and trade bookstore that has just about everything.  The first thing to catch your eye when you walk in the door is the massive collection of toys....hanging from the ceiling....and peeking over the top of the book shelves.  It seems weird, right?  But give it a few minutes and you will be reminiscing on when you were into that toy when you were a child.

At Bonnett's Books we were able to add two new (new to us) Lincoln books to our collection for only $4.  It is stores like this that continuously teach my husband and I that visiting small, local hole in the wall places can be a great way to find something special.  These are the kinds of places that we enjoy finding.  Even if you do not live in the same area as I do, I hope that this encourages you to [re]discover your town and the little shops it has to offer.  ;)

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