Pupdate: Modeling Challenges

In our new apartment, I have a room dedicated to LBF, which is so so awesome!  I l.o.v.e it.  When we first moved in, I saw the two large windows, all the natural light that came in and the potential for great product photography in the second bedroom, which is referred to as LBF studios ;)  

Our old apartment was on the first floor and shaded most of the day leaving us in the dark and using a lot of indoor lighting which is difficult to work with.  Our new apartment is bright and sunny most of the day!  There is just one little problem...

There is a big pond right outside LBF studios.  A pond filled with ducks, geese and king fishers.  This means the dogs have a hard time focusing on anything but them when they are in LBF studios.  Especially when it is time for modeling and Stanlee gets to sit up higher on a table.  Sometimes, we end up with two pups trying to squeeze together on Stanlee's table and modeling station.  As you can tell, it's a little annoying to Stan to have MileyJo all up in his space, but clearly, MJ doesn't care because she gets to see outside.  So what.  

It can be a little tricky at times.  Trying to keep one dog down.  Trying to get the other dog to "look here" and then making sure the dog that is supposed to stay down, doesn't try and eat the treats you have waiting for Stanlee when he is done, because she is a little bit of a tubby.

Really, pup modeling can be difficult if you have a MileyJo in the room, but I can't help but love them unconditionally.

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