Word is...

Starting today, pumpkin spice lattes are back!  mmmhhhhmmm.

I've been going to Starbucks a lot lately; a little too much lately I should say.  I blame it on the gift card I have in my wallet that keeps tempting me.  Anyways, the past two weeks I have been asking employees about the pumpkin spice (I love annnnyyyyything pumpkin flavor).  When are they coming around again?  Well, a few days ago the guy said pumpkin spice lattes are officially in stores and advertised on Labor Day.  Unofficially, you can start ordering them on Friday.  

Friday.  That's today!  

Guess what I will be doing today?  Any maybe tomorrow?  But don't be surprised if you see me on Monday and I still have one in my hand. ;)

Happy Friday friends!

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jillian at faith that laughs. said...

I went and had my first pumpkin spice latte! so yummy!!