Crafty Supermarket Recap

Last weekend I traveled to southwest Ohio and set up a little booth for the Crafty Supermarket at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center.  This was my first indie craft show and it was so much fun being a vendor!  I am still very new to the shows and events scene for my handmade business, but after leaving last weekend I knew I wanted to apply for the Crafty Supermarket's next show in November.

During the show I took note of the different comments and questions customers would ask me.  For example, I was asked quite a few times if I could make matching bow-ties and hair clips for kids so they could match their dog.  This is an idea I have been wanting to do for a while now and I am excited to make this happen!  My favorite thing that was said to me was "Oh my gosh.  There are so many reasons I need a dog, but this is definitely the top reason!"  -referring to my bow-ties.

Overall, the show was a big success and I was introduced to so many cool artists and their work.

These were my favorite booths from Saturday:

Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics

Good tunes accompanied us all day.

Wholly Craft!

Andy J Miller from DesignKoma

Design Koma was screen printing fresh prints at their booth!  I love when artists show their work in progress.

Redraven Studios

Animals made from vintage fabrics.  Shop The Wind & The Sail.

The Wind and The Sail again.  I really adored her vintage linen animals.  Each one was unique.

Gracie Sparkles handmade cards.

Sara Gelbert is the designer from Excitations.  I loved all her feather wood prints and leather jewelry!  You can shop her products on etsy.

Some of my other favorite vendors that I do not have photos of are the artists listed below:
Cordial Kitten  (custom illustrations)
Sally Harless (art + illustration)
David Nebert  (Works + Inspirations: organic life and recycled light bulbs)

Take a look at some of these artists and let them know you found them through Little Blue Feather!

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