Shop Update + A Little Vaca

This little workspace of mine has been really busy lately.  
Busy in a good way, that is! 

The past month I have worked on a lot of Etsy orders, wholesale shipments, craft show submissions and inventory I am now selling at a local handmade store in Cleveland.  It's been an exciting time for sure!  In the upcoming months I have a few shows I will be participating in which means it will be an even more productive and busy May and June.

Before this time arrives, I have decided to put my shop on vacation mode starting Tuesday, April 17 at 5pm EST.  My birthday is coming up {yeeeeaaaaaaaahhh!!!} and I will be ending my 26th year with a father-daughter road trip and some much anticipated time with my parents and family.  Oh, how I have really missed them lately.  My shop will be on vacation mode until the morning of Wednesday, April birthday!  And when I reopen on my birthday, I am thinking we will all need to celebrate my 27th year!  Maybe with a coupon code to my shop?!  ;)

Keep in touch for some fun blog posts I have planned while I am on my shop vaca!

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