Color Palettes

Color palettes are an amazing source of inspiration.  I have always enjoyed looking through color palettes but never knew how to create one of my own before now.  Today, I discovered Colour Lovers and I can already tell this will be a new creative addiction!

Colour Lovers allows you to create color palettes from their enormous library of colors, or you can create your own color palette from your uploaded photos, like I did above.  I was able to upload my own photo and click on specific areas in the picture to select the colors for my palette.  If the color was not already in their library (although this is very unlikely) it allows you to create a new color!  Pretty impressive, right?!

Once you have selected the perfect color palette, you have the option to upload the color swatches into your Photoshop library (or any other computer design program) and incorporate them into a custom layout or project you are working on.  

For me, there is something really visually appealing about square images. I decided to create a 6in x 6in document size with a 4in x 6in photo on top, a thin line of white space and then a 1 3/4in x 6in color palette with the exact colors uploaded into my swatches palette in Photoshop.  Colour Lovers gives you detailed instructions on how to download your color palettes in this article.  

Imagine the possibilities!  Create color palettes for weddings, parties, home decor, artwork and inspiration boards!

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Jo Cauldrick said...

I love this post, as I too have recently discovered a colour palette site called, do you know them? I highly recommend you check them out.

sell my house said...

Awesome post!The color palettes is looking gorgeous.