Their show was inside the old ice house in the downtown Akron area.

This past weekend, My friend Sarah and her husband Aaron had their first art show together in 13 years!  Sarah owns a nearby art studio that I am always going to and creating something new or to just hang out.  She remains more local and is building an art community in this area that is really impressive.  Little kids to adults are always in her studio working on something and it's cool to see her studio space conducive to teach all age groups of all levels.

Aaron is an ice sculptor, and his work and talents are far beyond what I will be able to put into a few short sentences.  Aaron travels the world competing, teaching and building amazing ice sculptors; he even competed in the Olympics and brought home a gold medal!  To say he is talented is an understatement, and I have been so excited to see his work someday in person.  This past Saturday was the day, and together him and Sarah put together an art show with all of the pieces combining ice and clay; kind of like a his and hers together in one piece.

Their art show was called Fragile, with each piece a different meaning on keeping life balanced.  One of my favorite pieces {picture #1} was about how you need to plant your roots into a good foundation and support system in life or you will be left floating.  When Sarah was telling me all the different meanings behind the sculptures, I felt like I needed to pay her for the advice and the therapy session!  Balanced life is good; don't overextend yourself!

Their show was a huge success and I am very proud of them!  

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