Art Walk

This past Saturday was an eventful day full of creative inspiration, handmade items, art galleries and a surprise visitor!  My sister-in-law drove up to spend the weekend with us and surprised me at an opening I had at a handmade store where I am now selling some of my Little Blue Feather clothing!  It was a really great surprise and we treated her to a night in downtown Akron with art galleries, good food and a lot of fun.

On the first Saturday of every month, Akron, OH holds an event called Downtown Art Walk.  For this event, artists open up their studios and galleries for visitors to meet and greet, take a look at the artists new work, eat snacks and shop.  In addition to all of the galleries, there are really fun restaurants, night life, shopping and trolly rides to take you to different areas in downtown.  It's a really fun time and we saw some very creative work this past weekend.

Here is a look at some of the galleries and artists we saw this past Saturday.

Walking up the stairs to the Red Light Galleries.

Artist: Ron White

Ron White charcoal drawings.

Ron White sculptures.  The one on the right is "let me get my head together" :)

A sculpture made out of packaging tape!

Sally Patterson, an oil and acrylic painter with a lovely little space in the Red Light Galleries.  

Of course I had to take a picture of this one because of my last name!  A shark made from recycled metals by artist Michael Marras.

A glass chandelier hanging in the shop at Akron Glass Works, a glass studio and store.

In addition to the traditional Art Walk, my friend and her husband had an art show together for the first time in 13 years and it was amazing!  She is a clay artist and he is an ice sculptor.  They combined their two art forms in one show and it was very impressive.  Tomorrow I will share more photos of their show that was a part of the Art Walk as well.  You will definitely want to come back and see them!

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