Sweet Tooth Saturday: Mint Oreo Cupcake Recipe

Do you remember when I told you I have a sweet tooth?!  Well, Mr. Sharkey also has quite the sweet tooth himself and because his birthday was this past week, I made a new recipe with his favorite flavor - mint oreos.   You might even notice that most of my other recipe posts on here include oreos; they are a favorite of ours and it's their 100th birth year.  I'm just helping them celebrate that's all...

Because these turned out pretty amazing, I am sharing the recipe with you today for another Sweet Tooth Saturday post!

1 pack mint oreos
1 box white cake mix (+ ingredients needed for cake mix listed on the box)
1 can vanilla frosting
cupcake liners
**I am sure that homemade cake batter and frosting would taste better, but sometimes I just need to keep things simple.  I like adding ingredients to an already prepared batter, but if you would like to create these from scratch, just follow the oreo steps that would be added to your own recipe.**

1) Line your cupcake pan with paper or foil liners.  Twist open the oreos and place the cream side up. {save the top cookie pieces for the next step}  You will be pouring the batter over the oreo icing.

2) Prepare your cake mix as directed on the box.  Mix in the top cookie pieces left over from step one.  Mix well.  Next, take full oreos and break into big chunks and add it to the batter.  Mix slowly with a spatula so you do not break them into small pieces.  You want big pieces of oreo in the cupcake!  Trust me...

3) Fill cupcake liners 3/4 full.

4)  Puree 4-5 full oreos.  This will be added to the icing.

5) Mix the oreo puree in to the vanilla icing.

6)  Pipe the icing on the cupcake and you're done!

7) Eat up!  I recommend piping the icing on the cupcake while it is still a little warm and enjoy with a glass of milk.

Have a great weekend!

5 friendly comments:

Jaclyn said...

see you cant post things like this. i will make them and eat them all!

LittleBlueFeather said...


If these were made with peanut butter oreos, they would have been gone in 24 hours for sure! Maybe you could make them and take them to a party so they don't stare at you all day long. ;)

Kadie Dahl said...

Those look AMAZING! I so can't wait to try these out : ) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gosh!!!!

I just found your blog and first of all...yay! Second of all, I have a totally normal enjoyment AKA major obsession with mint oreos. I'm going home to try this RIGHT NOW! okay...maybe not right this second, but it's going on my list as top priority after Thanksgiving baking madness. Thanks for sharing!

LittleBlueFeather said...

@sarah e
Hah! Let me know if you try them! My husband's cousin introduced me to putting oreos on the bottom of the cupcake pan. It's so genius! If you love mint oreos, you should try this oreo truffle recipe I did but with mint oreos. YOU WILL LOVE IT! http://littlebluefeathers.blogspot.com/2011/12/oreo-bonbon-recipe.html