Welcome home Mac

Last Sunday, Husband and I decided it was time to purchase a new computer.  

Our old computer I bought preowned 3 years ago, and in it's almost 8 years of living it was starting to not work so well.  My battery life was about 2 seconds {ok, realistically about one hour}, the plastic was chipped, keys were sticking, the disc drive didn't work for years....
...you see what I mean?  
It was time.

As we went to the apple store to take a look {seriously this time and not just play around like we usually do} I realized something; we were just like five year olds excited for a new toy but stuck in adult bodies.  Isn't it funny how at 27 years old, you get so excited over a new "toy", but your toys now come with a hefty price tag and might be combined with practical uses and work?!  
Oh the adult life...

So, we took our new computer home with us for a few days, and then took it back into the apple store to do a data transfer from my old mac.  What.a.tease!  This evening, I was finally able to pick her back up from the store and it feels great to not only have her home, but also have all of my music, applications and photos! {25,872 photos....oh my....I have a problem passion}  It is actually a little hard going three days without a computer when you run an online store and blog!  
It was worth the wait.  :)

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Jenny Taylor said...


Yes. With your business you definitely need a good, reliable computer. Plus, it looks gorgeous! Congratulations on your new addition. ;)

Sue Grilli said...

What model did you actually get? I've been having some issues with my Mac lately and have been toying with the idea of getting a new one.
It's just such fun getting a new toy!

LittleBlueFeather said...

@Sue Grilli
I got the 13 inch macbook pro. My old one was not a pro model, but now they only make the laptops in a pro or an air. Actually, my husband and I were debating between the desktop and a laptop. We loved the large screen on a desktop, but always liked how portable the 13 inch laptop was. So, we went with that again!

LittleBlueFeather said...
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