Five Favorites: My Husband

Justin's birth week began with a get together last Saturday at our friend's house.
Photo booths are always present!

Yesterday my handsome husband turned 27!  When I think about 27, it feels so much older than 26.  Why is that?!

To celebrate, I made a home cooked meal, tried a new mint oreo desert recipe {hubby loves mint and oreo} and we ended the night taking a nap at 7:30 right after dinner so we could wake up at 10:00pm to watch the Ohio State basketball game; which Justin fell asleep through.  I tell ya, we are party animals around here.

There are so many things that I love about Justin, but in honor of his birth week, I will give you some of my five favorites.  {in no particular order}:

  1. I love how silly we are together and how much we make each other laugh.
  2. I love that he loves ice cream as much as I do.  
  3. I love that Justin always tries to give a positive perspective on things.  
  4. I love that he is a little adventurous and spontaneous when it comes to picking up and going somewhere.
  5. Justin works very hard, but never brings his work home with him.  He is always ready for family time as soon as he walks in the door.
Today, tomorrow and probably Sunday we are going to continue celebrating husband's birth week, because that's how we like to do things in this household.  Why only celebrate one day?!

I hope you all have a fun weekend!  Don't forget some green tomorrow.
Oh, and there might be another Sweet Tooth Saturday post happening tomorrow with these tasty treats:   

Recipe coming tomorrow!  AND they will double as a St. Patrick's Day treat because they have green in them!  Perfect timing.

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