Five Favorites: Etsy Treasuries

Recently I have been included in some pretty amazing treasuries I wanted to share with you all! In case you are unfamiliar with Etsy treasuries, it's a collection of 16 Etsy listings that relate to a specific theme chosen by the curator.

A treasury can be created by any Etsy memeber and it can be very time consuming searching for the perfect items. I have created two treasuries in the past and I remember spending at least an hour on each one. They are carefully thought out and if your treasury is unique and well organized, it can appear on the front page (eek!) of Etsy for all of the shoppers to see that day! That's a big deal for the curator and the shops featured in the treasury! So, if you have an Etsy shop and someone includes your handmade or vintage item in their treasury, be sure to thank them for choosing you!

Here are five of my favorite treasuries I was featured in recently:

3 friendly comments:

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Love all these treasuries!!! I was on a treasury making team about a year ago and had to drop it because I spent WAY too much time making them! It's fun, but being the perfectionist that I am, it took me too long.

Kelly said...

I love the top one. I think its time I get my dog a bow tie :)

LittleBlueFeather said...


me too! Let me know if you decide to get one!