Antique Shopping

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A few weeks ago when I was in my hometown visiting family, my dad and I made some time to do one of our favorite things together; antique shopping.

My dad and I have always had similar interests and can really appreciate a good vintage find.  Fortunately, close to my hometown is a little village called Waynesville, Ohio and is referred to as "The antique capital of the midwest".  Downtown Waynesville is full of cute little shops, history, cafes and unique gifts.  Usually my dad and I are not looking for anything specific when we are antique shopping, but instead looking for something we have never seen before.  

With the help of my dad, I have started a small vintage camera collection.  None of the cameras work properly today, but I love seeing the evolution of the camera to my current DSLR.  It really fascinates me how far they have come!  This past trip I saw some new cameras I would love to add to my collection in the future!

Do you collect vintage items?  If so, what do you collect?!

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Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

okay, i really need to go antique shopping because all of these look incredible!!
xo TJ

Jennifer Blair said...

Oh my goodness! This shop is great! I've started collecting vintage cameras too, and now I NEED to find this shop! What great stuff!

LittleBlueFeather said...

@Mr. Taylor and his Lady

You can find some really great stuff while antique shopping! I love it!

LittleBlueFeather said...

@Jennifer Blair

These pictures are actually from several shops! Do you want me to find out the name of the shop with all the cameras? Maybe they ship?!!