Weekend Recap - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at my parents house was wonderful.  We ate some really great home cooked dishes, played games, talked about scary suspense movies, looked through Black Friday ads, did some arts and crafts and ate an entire peanut butter pie that my brother's girlfriend brought for her first Thanksgiving with my family.  It was the most amazing pie I have ever tasted!

Here is a look into our Thanksgiving: 

On Thanksgiving day, Miley greeted all our guests at the front door.  She likes to greet people by jumping on them and running around really excited.  It's her thing, and I am not sure I will ever be able to break her of it.  

I helped my momma make Thanksgiving dinner.  Mashed potatoes, turkey, ham, corn, green beans, mac & cheese, rolls, green bean salad, gravy.... now I'm starving.

After dinner I made little foam turkey's with my nephews and aunt.
I love spending time with Lucas.  Especially when it's doing something arts and crafts!

One of the things I loved about Thanksgiving was listening to my 4 year old nephew tell me all the things he was Thankful for.  In addition to all of the family members he was thankful for, Lucas also said:
  • Daddy's job for giving us food
  • your camera to take pictures
  • the dogs
  • windows to look out in our house

Can you imaging not having any windows in your house?!  Or not having a job to provide food?  I am thankful for Lucas.  Looking at things through the eyes of a little kid is a good way to view things sometimes.

In addition to Thanksgiving at our parents houses, we went with the Sharkey family to cut down their Christmas trees, shopped Black Friday sales, saw Breaking Dawn {again}, ate more food, played with the pups, spoiled ourselves with late night milkshakes, watched football and basketball games, and ate more good food!

My dad put tears in my eyes when he said "I've really enjoyed having you guys here this long weekend.  It was nice to spend a lot of time with you."  
I can't wait to see family again in four weeks for Christmas.

2 friendly comments:

stephanie said...

looks like you had so much fun! i love that you saw breaking dawn AGAIN ; )

LittleBlueFeather said...

We did have so much fun!! And I mean, I HAD to see Breaking Dawn again since my mom had not seen it yet ;) ;)