Five Favorites: Texture

I seem to always be attracted to items with texture.  Maybe it isn't even a texture I can feel, but one I can see.  I love pressed flowers, ruffles, pleats, lace, felt, feathers, buttons, and layers in the items I own, make or buy for the house.

Recently my love for texture has extended past home decor, clothing and accessories, and into the everyday things I see.  I am amazed by all of the natural texture around us.  Taking a walk with my camera is one of the ways I get easily inspired.

Five Favorites: Natural Texture

4 friendly comments:

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Amazing!! I love texture too!

stephanie said...

those photo's are SO beautiful! makes me want that canon even more! so the one i have shown on my blog is only like $419 because it's used. isn't that a good deal? i'm a little nervous about getting a used one but my brother say's it's a really trust worthy site. i don't know what to do! haha.

Breena said...

Just gorgeous! I also wanted to let you know that I picked you to receive a blog award. You can check it out here:


LittleBlueFeather said...

Thank you Breena! I will look into the link you sent me later today :) :)

And stephanie, that sounds like a great price! I would be nervous with a used one also, but if it feels trustworthy and they offer any kind of return policy if something does wind up being wrong, I say go for it!!! I did buy my computer used that came with basic CS3 Photoshop already on it.