I am thankful for...

  • My husband.  I love him and appreciate him beyond words.  He is so supportive, funny, relaxed, a hard worker, responsible, organized and completely adorable.
  • My family and their involvement and support in my life.
  • My in-laws
  • Justin's job
  • Encouraging friends
  • Date nights and road trips
  • Our new location and place we call home
  • My pups
  • An apartment that feels safe
  • Etsy and the opportunity to sell my own designs
  • A place to stay at our parent's houses
  • Sarah at the Richfield Art Studio for helping me rediscover my love for art.
  • All the experiences I have learned that has inspired Little Blue Feather and helped it to grow.

There are so many things I am thankful for, but most importantly, I am thankful to have the chance to spend 4 days in our hometown, in the houses we grew up in down the street from each other, with our parents, siblings, nephews and niece.

The past few years has taught us to be more thankful of the time we have with our families and to make as much time for traveling "home" as we can.  Last night, I sat at my parents house, watching TV with my dad and laughing so hard until we cried.  These are the moments I am so thankful for.  Memories that stay with me.

This weekend is packed full of fun things planned with mine and Justin's families.  I hope you all have a great weekend and have much to be thankful for :)


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Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Happy Thanksgiving girl!! xoxo

stephanie said...

this is great! hope you guys had a lovely thanksgiving! oh and PS i featured one of your creations on my handmade holiday post! hope thats ok : )