October Colors

October in the midwest is absolutely beautiful.  I {along with most others} would probably say this is my favorite month of the year.  Although I have always enjoyed this time of year, something about this October is a little more special.  

In addition to the traveling, two weddings and family time I have done already this October, I have enjoyed this season more here in our new city and home.  When I first heard about us moving to Cleveland, I was excited, but also a little like cleeeveland?!  Let me tell you friends, just south of Cleveland is actually pretty great in my opinion!  Between Akron and Cleveland there are two zoos, several metro parks, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and a lot of outdoor places and festivals.  What does this mean?! LOTS of trees!  and hiking.  and biking. and farmers markets in the parks. outdoor concerts.  you get the idea?!  Right now they are covered with golden, orange and red leaves waiting to fall from the trees any day now.  It is simply beautiful to see against a light blue sky.  Our last town we lived in was very flat with no trees or anything exciting.  Although I didn't like our last area, I love that it has made me appreciate our new area so much more.  

Here are some photos of the beautiful fall colors I have seen the past week.

PS - None of these photos are saturated.  They were naturally this vibrant and beautiful in person.

4 friendly comments:

Kelly said...

I would love to experience a Midwest fall. I am totally jealous. :)

LittleBlueFeather said...

Kelly, it is pretty awesome! There is something beautiful in every part of the country though :) Where are you?!

Chelsea said...

You are so correct. Fall in the Midwest is nothing short of magical! I never want to leave... for that reason alone! We deserve a beautiful fall though for our months of hibernation during winter ;)

LittleBlueFeather said...

Chelsea that is so true! I actually do not mind winter that much as long as I am prepared with my boots, scarf, hat, etc. This is my first winter in Cleveland though. I might have different feelings after my first winter up here ;)