Learning to slow down

This past month I have been learning to slow down.  It always seems that we (people in general) are hurrying.  We are cramming as many things into our day and stressing more than ever before.

I have always worried and been an anxious personality type, and thankfully my husband is opposite of that.  He teaches me every day to slow down, relax and stress less in my everyday life.  This is great because I believe it helps when you have loved ones reminding you of what's important and what can wait.  I love and appreciate him more than I could ever express.  This month we have spent a lot of quality time together.  We've been on vacations, attended weddings, went on more dates and spent time on the weekends exploring new places, restaurants and parks.  It feels great to slow down and just enjoy things a little more.

Before now, I would spend Saturdays trying to finish as many orders as possible in the mornings and run (literally) to my car and speed off to the post office just before they closed for the weekend.  As soon as my phone beeped telling me I sold something, I would start working on it ASAP, even if I had plans or wanted to enjoy a relaxing breakfast at home with my husband.  

What I have learned:
  • It is OK to start on an order later that day, or even the next day.  
  • It is OK if I don't blog as much as I "should".  
  • It is OK if you get a little overwhelmed, just don't let it interfere with important things in life.
  • It is OK to put my shop on vacation mode while I take a week off to spend time with family.
I think about how fast time flies by, and how before we know it, so many things change.  I am learning that even though my blog, social networking sites, my shop and designs are very important to me, I shouldn't let that come before everything. 

I read a post last week from my friend Natalie at NS Pottery and she said "Are we spending quality time with our loved ones? (As in, not trying to have a conversation while doing umpteen other things- ya know, multitasking?)"...
"We aren't really enjoying life and the small, everyday blessings we have"

This is just something that has been on my heart lately.  No matter what we do for a living, I hope we can learn to slow down and enjoy more!

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2 friendly comments:

KendraMarie said...

I love this post. It's so easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of life and forget to take a breath and enjoy it. Thanks for the reminder! :)

LittleBlueFeather said...

Thanks Kendra. I'm sure you need a relaxing break sometimes with all you do! Sounds like you are loving it grad school though which is great :)