When I'm not playing with fabrics...

I love playing with fabric. Looking through fabric.  Shopping for fabric. Sewing fabric.  But when I am not doing those things, I can't get enough of photoshop and taking pictures.

Ever since high school I have loved taking pictures.  In college, I had a crazy amount of pictures and music on my computer and also carried around 2 jump drives with projects from my photoshop, illustrator and CAD classes.  If I could play around in photoshop all day and call it a job, I don't think I could say yes please fast enough!  Of course sewing would need to be included in my weekly schedule as well ;)

Photoshop fun:

textured vintage photo editing.  I love this candid shot my friend took at our wedding.

 diptych project from college.  the textured background is very faint music lyrics.
drawing free hand in photoshop.

What do you do when you procrastinate?!

2 friendly comments:

Wanda said...

That is my all time favorite photo of you and Justin. I guess my perfect job would be editor since I love reading and any mistakes (grammer, spelling, etc) seem to jump right off the page at me. Too late for that now though :)

Anonymous said...

Is there a job where I could get paid to surf the weband read blogs all day... I would ROCK that job!