Breaking out my fall favorites

Here in northeast Ohio there has been a 30 degree temperature drop in the weather this week which pretty much jump started fall for me.

Bring. It. On.  

Fall clothing, desserts, drinks, temperatures, colors...I love everything about it.  I might have already found time in the past 3 cool days to purchase my first pumpkin spice latte of the season.  {please don't judge!}   And I am not even going to deny that I am sitting at Starbucks right now writing blog posts for the week and listening to all the people order salty caramel mochas and apple ciders are not helping me stay away from the yummy drinks......Anyways, yes fall, we welcome you :)

Yesterday I was so excited, I wore my leggings (leggins is what comes out of my mouth when I try to say legg-ings), black boots, rabbit sweatshirt (remember, my all time favorite #1 article of clothing this year), mustard yellow knit head wrap, gold nail polish, red tinted lip balm and wavy air dried hair.  My favorite casual early fall outfit.

I am extra excited for this fall and all the fun stuff we have planned!  Autumn in the midwest is beautiful.

3 friendly comments:

Jenny Taylor said...

You made me feel so much better about having a pumpkin spice already, too! We're experiencing cool weather here in Texas, too, and it is SO nice.

I love your outfit! The sweatshirt is super cute and I like the pop of yellow.

Jennifer said...

That yellow head wrap is so cute. It just screams fall to me!

LittleBlueFeather said...

Thanks! Knit head wraps are my favorite fall/winter accessories!