Five Favorites: Animal Printed Clothing


I am starting to see a trend in my closet.  All of these shirts are my go to items when getting dressed, with the rabbit sweatshirt being my all time, #1 favorite shirt I own.  Somehow I find myself usually wearing my boston terrier tshirt on Fridays, although I opted for the elephant blouse last night because Justin and I went out on a little date ;)  Today I am attending a birthday party that is woodland themed.  How will I decide which animal shirt to wear!?!

1. Fox t-shirt screen printed by LBF
2. Coral blouse with tiny little elephants from Francesca's 
3. Navy summer dress with horses from Francesca's
4. 3/4 length sweatshirt with rabbits from Urban Outfitters
5. Boston terrier screen printed tshirt from LBF

Have a great weekend friends!

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Mandy said...

You are beautiful (the clothes are cute too)