Our Love Story

Tomorrow, Justin and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary!  I think back to the past three years and feel so blessed to have an amazing husband and best friend.  

This is our story:

Justin and I met roughly 20 years ago.  We both grew up in the same neighborhood, riding the same bus and sharing some of the same classmates and teachers throughout school.  Our parents live less than a 1/2 mile away from each other and we spent our summer days playing sports, riding bikes and walking to the pool with our neighborhood friends.  When I remember Justin at this age, I remember a little short boy with tons of freckles wearing gym suits!  Boy was he cute ;)

Justin and I developed a little crush in 6th grade when we sat together on the bus.  Our crush was very short lived and was a typical grade school crush.  We held hands a couple times and were so shy in front of each other that we rarely had conversations.  So, we moved on, remained friends and occasionally hung out together with mutual friends throughout junior high and high school.  

{Fast forward to college}  Justin and I attended The Ohio State University and reconnected sophomore year.  We quickly became the best of friends again and spent all of our time together.  My girlfriends really liked him and would ask me why I didn't want to date him.  For months, Justin and I tried to pretend there weren't feelings, or I would say "oh no, he is just one of my best friends."  Well, I can't tell you the exact moment my feelings changed, but after several months of saying that, it clicked for me.  Why would I not want to date my best friend?  Sure there was a lot to risk if things didn't work out, but the idea of dating the person I have so much fun with, the person that I naturally connect with and can be my ridiculous self around...well that would be perfect.  I felt like there was a reason God put Justin in my life, at that time, with that connection.

So we started our next step as Michelle and Justin! After 2 years together, Justin asked me to marry him {on Christmas day 2007 :) }, I finished up my fifth year at OSU and we planned our wedding.  Although Justin and I started as friends, just like any relationship there have been hard times.  We have moved three times, there have been new jobs, new responsibilities and new adventures and I can't imagine going through life with anyone else.  I have so much fun with Justin and I really believe that is the most important thing.  We laugh, travel, go on dates, we are spontaneous and love to explore new places.  At the end of the day, it is our relationship and friendship that I am so thankful for.  

So tomorrow we celebrate three years and I will share with you photos from our wonderful wedding day!  Justin has requested off of work Thursday and Friday of this week and we have some really fun things planned :)  Happy Monday friends!

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6 friendly comments:

Sarah said...

You're a pretty good sister-in-law ;) this was such a good post, love you and enjoy your weekend !! Love you

Aubrey said...

Reading this just made me get choked up a little bit...I love that I was a part of your life then; how I got to watch the two of you grow together. I will never forget your journey and how silly it was! Haha. Most of all, I will never forget how stunning you were on your wedding day and the way Justin watched you as you walked down the aisle. Thank you for letting me be a part of that. I love you and I hope you guys have a wonderful anniversary!

Wanda (Mom) said...

Reading this brought back memories. I am so thankful that you and Justin found each other. Have a wonderful Anniversary!

The Cisneros Family! said...

Yay for love stories! You two are very adorable, and congrats on your three years as a married couple!

steph nelsen said...

wow, just found your blog from an alexandra rose giveaway, and wow! your story is a lot like mine! i've known the hus for 20+ years, we were in kindergarten together and lived in the same neighborhood too. he moved in 5th grade, but we kept in touch. we got together at 27 and have a four year old daughter. so cool to see another childhood sweetheart success story!

LittleBlueFeather said...

Steph- Childhood sweetheart stories are the best :) Congrats to you and your husband as well!