Race For The Cure

This past Saturday, Justin and I experienced Race For The Cure in Columbus for the first time!  We signed up about a month ago online and at first thought we would just participate in the race.  After signing up we realized how many volunteers were still needed for all types of areas, so we decided to volunteer also at a registration booth the weekend before the race.  When we were setting up the registration booth, I thought to myself, how in the world are they going to go through all these mounds of t-shirts and sign up packets.  I know it is best to over prepare, but I was thinking it was a bit much.  Little did I know........

When we showed up to the race on Saturday morning, I couldn't believe how many people I saw.  There were thousands and thousands of people!!  Women of all ages, children, dogs, men, different races, different lifestyles...all together, all celebrating and all affected personally or emotionally from breast cancer.  

Along the route, there were different bands and types of music set up to keep you motivated and entertained.  We saw rock bands, acoustic singers, folk singers, a hip hop truck, a children's drum line (loved this) and a little choir with the cutest women I have ever seen.  Then, to finish the race, biker men and women were lining the last 1/2 mile stretch with their bikes on the sidewalks revving their engines and cheering for us.  It was so awesome to see tough biker men wearing pink with their black leather coats, some with pink wigs, pink facial hair and smiling and cheering for all the women.  It is true, they are softies at heart also :)

So here are the facts for Columbus:
50,000+ people participated on Saturday for the 19th annual race
$2.5 million was raised 
Team Limited Brands broke the WORLD RECORD for largest team...7,271 members!

The only thing I want to do differently next year....bring my camera.  I haven't found many pictures online yet, but once I do I will post them.  It really is a site to see.

Columbus News Article

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wanda said...

I am proud of you guys!