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The past couple weeks I have been running around with a caffeinated beverage in my hands at all times and surviving on very few hours of sleep.  Sometimes, everything seems to happen all at once, and to say you are exhausted just feels like an understatement!  

About two weeks ago Justin was offered a new position with his company!  He has worked in Mansfield for almost three years and we currently live in Ashland, which is a tiny little town with a university, good cheese, lots of amish, and one awesome park.  We found out we are moving now to Cleveland, which was a little unexpected, but we are really excited to live near a big city again.  Our hearts will always be in Columbus, but we think Cleveland will be the next best thing!  Our moving process is going to begin in early June and this past week I was on a hunt to find a new place for us to live.  Luckily, my dad is retired and was able to come up and spend the week with me and help out in whatever way he could since Justin was working long hours.  So my dad and I drove all over Cleveland looking for apartments and neighborhoods and then in the evenings, I put him to work cutting out fusing, appliques and fabric for hair clips.  Isn't he awesome!?!  Although I was exhausted, a little emotional, sleep deprived and stressed about my upcoming weekend festival, it was really great to spend quality time with my dad.

In the end, we found a great little apartment, in a good area, attended the spring fling in my hometown, sold some LBF items, saw some old friends, and spent time with family.  Now I am feeling back to normal with good sleep and feeling motivated to get back into a least for a few weeks until we have to pack, move and then unpack!

In Cleveland looking out over Lake Erie.

My LBF assistant!  I was teasing my dad at how organized he is and his labeling every little piece of fusing and his response was "In my book there are only two ways to do things.  The right way, or the way to the best of your ability.  There is no room for sloppy!" -dad  
I think I am going to have to frame that above my workspace!

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edith said...

Absolutely beautiful ;) I'm so in awe! You are so talented!!
I'm honored to call u my friend... I will
Miss...miss having you close by ;) the journey
Continues...I'm glad our paths have crossed.