LittleBlueFeather GIVEAWAY!

A few weeks ago I met Aubree Miller from the blog The Millers.  When I first received a message from Aubree, it was exciting to meet someone with one name that combined two of my best friends names Aubrey Seeger & Gretchen Miller (although, Miller became Wendell about 350ish days ago)  -I know, it is the little things in life I get really excited about!

One of the great things about Aubree's blog is that she teams up with handmade artists and crafters to put together blog giveaways for her readers.  This not only fun for us, but it also lets others know about etsy and buying handmade or local items!   Hop on over to her blog and take a look at some LBF items in the giveaway.  Two packages are available for you to win and you can enter up to five times!  Yes you read that correctly, FIVE times!

Package #1

felt hydrangea flower baby elastic headband - great for 3-9m

(one bodysuit with color and letter of your choice)

Package #2

fabric covered button bobby pins

wool felt flower headband - blog exclusive!

cotton rosette hair clip

Hope you enjoy!

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