Remembering My College Campus

Hello Campus.

Where most of my classes were held my senior and super senior year.

I spent so much time in this building.

The Wexner Center For The Arts.

A portion of the Oval.  A very large park in the center of campus.

Where I would sometimes sit while waiting for my next class.

Mirror Lake.  

So many beautiful trees.

One of the art buildings.  My first class (Drawing 1) was in this building.

One of my favorite buildings on campus.

I remember it being Mirror Lake Cafe!  Now it is a creamery and grill with an ice cream sculpture outside the entrance.
I remember always seeing chalk announcements on the sidewalks.  It was a great way to reach the students because most people look toward the ground when they walk to and from class.

The street where I moved into my first apartment with my friends.  I had to walk past Starbucks and Urban Outfitters every day on my walk to and from campus.  

Yesterday I was able to walk around The Ohio State University campus where I attended school for five years.  My husband set up a tailgating booth with his company for their customers going the football game, and I took this time to walk around our beautiful campus and do some reminiscing.

I spent five years on this campus and when I think back to that time in my life, I have great memories.  My major was Textiles & Clothing with a minor in Studio Art.  There were definitely some hard seasons, tough classes and times that I just wanted my momma...I'm not sure you ever outgrow that...but as a whole, I loved it.

It's weird to look back in hindsight of my time in Columbus.  Now, it feels like it went by so quickly, and there are some classes and experiences I would love to go back to.  I miss this city, and all that it has to offer.  Thank you OSU for the experience and the education.  It's something I will never forget.

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