Currently: November Edition

Wearing:  This time of year makes me sooo excited to wear all of my scarves, knit wear and boots.  I've had my boots out for a while, but now that the temperatures have dropped I am able to bring back my daily head/hair accessories.  I love wearing hats, headbands and knit wraps, but tend to really only wear them fall-early spring.  If you see me around the next few months, there is a good chance I will be wearing leggings, a big cardigan, boots and a hair accessory of some kind.

Thinking about:  All the people on the east coast affected by hurricane Sandy.  It's so easy to stress over situations so minimal, and then something so devastating happens and puts everything back into perspective.  So easily we take things for granted, or at least I do.  Electricity, running water, a warm home, cell phone service...  This morning husband and I listened to NPR a little on a mini road trip and they were talking about all the damage to Staten Island.  It's so much worse than what I thought a few days ago.  Those on the east coast have been on my mind a lot lately.

Listening to:  I'm all over the place right now.  I have 22 pandora stations (embarrassing) and I have been rotating through about 10 of them the past month.  

Anticipating:  Parties!  Birthday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, get-togethers with friends.  There seems to be a lot going on the next month and it makes me pretty excited.

Drinking:  Earl grey tea lattes.  I never had tea lattes before a couple weeks ago, and I am so hooked.  There is a local coffee shop in Dayton called Boston Stoker, and they recommended I try their Earl Grey Cream is what they call it.  Because I can't go out and get one everyday every time I crave one, I decided to start making them at home.  I purchased a handheld milk frother and everything.  There will be a post soon on how to make your own.  Stay tuned.

Eating:  Sushi.  There is a new(ish) sushi restaurant that a few guys around my age started in Cincinnati, OH called Fusian.  They expanded to Dayton, OH and are about to open a third location on OSU campus in Columbus, OH.  This is what I love about them...
1.)  Their restaurant is designed similar to Subway, Chipotle, Piada, etc.  You walk down the line choosing the ingredients you want in and on top of your roll.
2.)  You can get traditional seaweed wraps with raw seafood, or you can get soy wraps with untraditional meats like grilled tofu, chicken or even peanut butter and jelly.  Husband gets his own version of a spicy tuna roll while I get veggies (asparagus, cucumber, carrot, spinach and avacdo) with sweet chili sauce on top and sesame seeds.  Word is too that in November they carry roasted sweet potatoes.  I must go tomorrow.
3.)  Almost all the restaurant and packaging is from plant based compostable materials or is from recycled/recyclable materials.  Their compost then goes on to make nutrient rich soil.  Nice, huh?!

Wishing:  Fall lasted a little bit longer this year.  It has been so cold and rainy lately that it feels more like December around southwest Ohio.

3 friendly comments:

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

Love this post! I am loving wear all my scarves in this chilly weather. I wish fall in Ohio lasted longer too. :( I really am just missing the sunshine! Can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving!! Crazy!!

stephanie said...

you are so beautiful friend! love that hat! and so true fall was in like fast forward this year!

LittleBlueFeather said...

Aw thanks Steph :)