Above is a happy picture of the pups hanging out the window of my car.  Happy, healthy pups they are in this photo.
Today, this wasn't the case.

You might remember my post talking about Stanlee (the white boston that does all of my modeling) and his anxiety and allergies issues.  Miley and Stanlee are both boston terriers and both have a history of skin allergies.  For some reason, we happen to own probably the two most sensitive BTs and recently the allergies have been defeating me.

After finding out Stanlee had a severe allergy to a specific mold, we began his immunotherapy injections yesterday to help tame his allergies.  He spent the day at the vet while they monitored his reaction to his first injection, and all went well.  Now it is back every 4-5 days for the next month and a half, and then they will slow down to only once a month.

This morning, our other boston, Miley, broke out in hives all over her face and eyelids.  The poor girl just wanted to play with her rope when we came in from our morning walk and after we ate breakfast.  I had a nice little Tuesday planned...quilting lesson with my husband's grandma, orders to fill and inventory to finish and take to new stores tomorrow.  Well, this put a little set back on my day.  Actually, I wish we could wake up and do this day all over again...

I'm honestly not even sure what happened.  Maybe a reaction to a bug bite from one of the plants she was sniffing?  Maybe she touched a plant or grass that had just been chemically treated at our apartment?  The vet wasn't sure, but something this morning happened, and suddenly we found ourselves in the vet office again having to leave her there all day to monitor her eyes and her swelling.

Let's see, that would be two pups, two vet visits and five shots later...and it's only Tuesday.

Today I let the allergies get the best of me, and I feel very defeated.  

We have adjusted everything possible recommended by five different vets to help our pups live an allergy free life.  Special food, regular doses of Benadryl, fragrance free detergents, air tight food containers, fish oil, not leaving them outside....yep, we've tried a lot of different things.

As frustrating as it is, and as defeated as I feel, I can't help but look at their little faces and feel bad for them and realize that it isn't their fault.  They are great pups and I love them no matter what the issue, cost or adjustments have to be.

I'm thankful tomorrow is a new day.

6 friendly comments:

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Oh no!!!! :( Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

Ugh, our hearts break when our little fur balls aren't feeling well, don't they? Sorry to hear about your day. I have two daschunds and this past summer within 24 hrs they both broke out in hives (one had a bump the size of a tennis ball on her head). Talk about seeing the Vet and vet bills wayyyy more than I wanted to that week. Hope yours gets some relief soon.

Wanda Patterson said...

I feel so bad for them and for you. I hope today will be a better day.

Meg {henninglove} said...

ahh poor pups! it breaks my heart to read stories like these because you just want to take away their skin allergies and just have healthy pups. im sorry you are feeling defeated today but you are right tomorrow is a new day!

LittleBlueFeather said...

@Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

Oh My. A tennis ball?! I would have flipped out! Especially on a little ol sweet dachshund. Thanks for the sweet words. They are doing ok today :)

LittleBlueFeather said...

@Meg {henninglove}

Thanks Meg! Today was a new day, and a pretty good day! Thanks for the sweet comment.