Weekend Instagrams

waiting for the hot air balloons.

the balloon glow.

eating coconut shrimp while watching boats dock.

on our way canoeing.

our birthday gift we bought for our nephew.  I wonder how hard it will be for husband
to look at the hulk hands on the shelf for a week and not open them to play.

This past week has felt like a vacation week.  We enjoyed the long holiday weekend {Memorial Day was yesterday here in the US}, the warm sunny weather and another visit from my parents Thursday night/Friday morning on their way home from Niagra Falls.  

We spent Thursday evening in Cleveland at a hot air balloon festival, ate seafood on the lake Friday night with our friends, spent Saturday shopping for summer clothes {my least favorite clothing season, btw}, canoeing and cooking out on Sunday and relaxing yesterday.  

After our 3 hour canoe trip with our friends on Sunday, and tipping our canoe 3 times {two times were accidental, once was one of the boys sneaking up behind us and jumping in our canoe like a frog.  And by one of the boys I mean my husband.} we were exhausted and I have countless bruises on my legs and one really bad bruise on my hip.  Have you ever been canoeing?!  We usually kayak, but let me tell you, it is almost impossible getting back in your canoe if the river is more than 3 feet deep.  This is why I have so many bruises because it was not graceful and I had to make several attempts at jumping back in the boat.  Despite the unattractive legs at the moment, we had a really fun time!

Now, who is ready for summer?! :)  

I am actually a little bit excited for this summer, even though I'm not into the whole bathing suit wearing, 95 degree temperatures and bees buzzing around me kind of girl. 

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