Music lovers

Around here, we are music lovers.  If you came over to visit, you would be able to notice this by looking around our apartment within 2 minutes.  We always keep our iPod plugged into our dock on the dining room table, husband collects vinyls that are displayed on our bookshelves and hanging on our walls, we have a record player sitting on our side table by the couch and a bookshelf packed to the max with CDs.

There is something about music that we both really connect with.  I understand that not all people are into music, but for us, we both share the love for it.  Sometimes I hear a song and the music is so sweet that I don't even understand what they are singing about; I'm just lost in the instrumentals.  And other times, the lyrics are so strong they jump out at me.

Lately I have really been into NPR {National Public Radio}.  It's not that I didn't like NPR music before, I just didn't ever choose it.  Now, I totally get it.  It's a great way to discover new music and hear the artists story.  I look forward to the World Cafe on NPR every night as they feature a musician and share an interview with them.  Every night it is someone completely different from the night before and it's the perfect pair to my late night sewing.

Are you a music lover?  

My music selection varies so much, but I would say that folk, soft rock and blues are my favorite.  
Who are your favorites?!  

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Kelly said...

right now i'm really into the civil wars, and i always love kings of leon and b b king.