Life Lately

Life lately has been a little bit tiring.

Maybe it comes with turning 27?
Three weeks ago today, I turned another year older and have had a hard time adjusting to this new, mature, responsible and energetic number I am supposed to live up to.   ;)

What is it about 27 that has made me so exhausted?
This past month I have been playing catch up with sleep and trying to minimize my puffy, dark eyes that have snuck up on me.  
For my birthday, I was so excited to go shopping with my mom and finally purchase some things for myself, and not spend all my money on art supplies, fabric and craft projects.  
Let me tell you what I bought with my birthday money...

eye cream
under the eye brightening makeup
and I bought myself a new pair of glasses.

When did I become so old?!  
One of my good friends up here said the other day,
"I'm going to make a fantastic old lady!"
I couldn't stop laughing because I already feel like I am there.

{not to mention my love for sewing, wanting to learn to knit and quilt and my love for cardigans}
If I am buying this on my 27th birthday, what will I buy on my 57th birthday?

After sleeping in every chance I've had lately, I am starting to feel on the up side with a list of ideas, projects, photography inspiration and art adventures to dive in to that I just didn't have the energy {or motivation} to do before now.

The busy life.
Sometimes we need weeks to just rest.  
This is what 27 has taught me so far...And that a little under the eye cream and makeup can do wonders for you!

2 friendly comments:

Barnicles said...

Sleep and rest is important :)

those are gorgeous glasses! You should make sure you don't get too serious though. Who cares about the dark circles under your eyes? its how you feel!

granny style is the coolest! woot


LittleBlueFeather said...


Hah! Thanks for the comment. You're so right, I shouldn't get too caught up in it. ;)