Front Page of Etsy

Sunday night I was laying in bed with my computer and decided to log in to Facebook.  As soon as I logged in, I saw that one of my blog friends tagged me in a post saying congratulations for being on the front page of Etsy right now!  I pulled up Etsy and sure enough, I see Stanlee staring straight at me in my grey and white dog bow-tie!  

I was so thrilled that I woke my husband up and said in a high pitch voice that my grey and white bow-tie was on the front page of Etsy, which was followed by a few squeals and weird happy noises.

It was exciting to see Stanlee on the front page.  He caught the eye of fellow Etsians which resulted in a few inbox messages saying how cute they thought my pup was.  One person even said, "It's like he knows he looks good in this photo!"  
I completely agree.

I have never been included in a treasury that made it to the front page of Etsy {at least not that I knew of until now} and it was a really fun experience.  I have always been the overly excited type about little things, and this was definitely one of those moments.  

5 friendly comments:

Kelly said...

that's awesome congratulations!

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Woohoo! Congrats girl!!! Stanlee definitely jumps out amoung all those items!

LittleBlueFeather said...

@Natalie @ NS Pottery

Thanks Natalie! It's all in his ears huh?! ;)

Cindy said...

How cool is that?! :)

LittleBlueFeather said...


Very cool!! He is so loved!