I always seem to have the weirdest dreams.  Dreams that are so crazy, I wake up thinking what in the world was that about?!  I start to tell someone the next day about my dream and their usual response is something like - how did you come up with that?!

I have always been a light sleeper, but recently my dreams tend to be mainly about bad things; dreams based around crime, war, death and being really upset, sad or running.  Today I looked up the meaning of my dream from last night, and I'm not sure how I feel about the site and where they came up with the meanings for all of the dream scenarios.  

I do think that there are some changes and upcoming events I'm excited about, but I wouldn't say I feel scared or threatened.  My days are pretty easy going, laid back and I'm not sure where the switch from a happy life at home with the pups and husband turns into a horrible dream leaving me weirded out or in tears the next morning.

Do you ever have weird dreams?  If so, where do you think they come from?!  

I'm hoping for something light hearted tonight.

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Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Haha, me too! In my most recent weird dream I was in the swimming pool with my entire family and I was the only one being changed my fish. One was a fish/cheeta hybrid. It looked very cool, but I didn't enjoy it chasing me. All ended well though;)


Sydni said...

I have bad/weird dreams like that a lot - I have no idea why, I guess subconsciously I'm more stressed than I realize?

LittleBlueFeather said...


You're right. Maybe I am more anxious about things in real life that I try to play it cool or not let it show, and then it runs wild in my dreams!

LittleBlueFeather said...

@Blue Eyed Night Owl

That does sound crazy!!! Lol, a fish/cheeta hybrid has never appeared in my dreams before, but I'm sure I would have been totally freaked out! Glad the dream ended well. ;)