Who would have thought

Right now I am in Tennessee visiting family with my dad. With so much to catch up on, I feel like the past two days I have spent talking non stop to people. Talking to my dad, great aunt and people I just met while out and about. What I have realized is that my dad and I have so much more in common than I thought and that I get a lot of things from him and his side of the family. Today, my great aunt talked a lot about how much she worries (totally something I overdo) and how she has sleeping problems. Also, she can't seem to turn her mind off and not think about anything for longer than 1 minute. That is when it hit me; I am the 27 year old version of my aunt.

When it comes to my dad and I, well, we love Oreos, zoey deschanel, antique shopping, talking in the same little voice when we have something to say that we think is funny and driving around just looking at things along the way.

Today my dad and I visited a public market and spent some time out looking around while my aunt took a nap. The market was new and this was our first time visiting the place. One of the booths I walked in was an older woman offering me taste samples of their food and snacks. Somehow we sparked up a conversation and she is from Ohio and was raised Amish and lived right outside the last town I lived in. And the Amish market we loved so much, her family owned the cheese farm of the cheeses they sold there! Crazy, right? The next stop that my dad and I made was an antique booth in the market. Again, another conversation started (I'm in the south right now, people here are just so friendly...) and I told her I have an online store and that I sell shirts, onesies and ties. I left out the part that they were dog bowties because I never know how people will react to that. I'm not sure why I even think this way though?! Anyways, my dad quickly jumped in and said bowties for dogs! Come to find out, this woman was a huge dog lover and her dog was in her wedding and wore a men's bowtie because she was unable to find dog ones at the time. After we walked away, she came back and asked for more business cards because she had already started passing on the word about my ties.

So I guess what I am saying is that sometimes when you open up and start talking with people, you will find a lot in common. Who would have thought!

*My only internet the past two days has been on my phone. Sorry for any auto correct and mistypes!

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