Local Spotlight: Room Service

This local spotlight post is one that I am really excited to share with you all.   Justin and I discovered Room Service at the end of February when we spent a Saturday in the downtown Cleveland area.  Our purpose for going to Cleveland was for the West Side Market, but found a couple eye catching stores when walking in that general area.

One of these shops was Room Service.

Room Service is a store that sells a lot of handmade items and has a very stylized store design that instantly won over my heart when I walked in.  What I loved about Room Service was the creative way all of the products were displayed.  I found a lot of inspiration in their store colors, use of materials, furniture, the height of the store and all the natural lighting that was shining in.  

After doing a little shopping, Justin and I talked with the manager and associate buyer, Jennie, about the area, the history of the store and an event they put on in the summer called Made in the 216.  This event is to showcase creative handmade businesses right in the Cleveland, OH area.  When Jennie was describing the event, she explained it as not just another craft show, but an event that is displayed as a retail setting in a studio space in downtown Cleveland.  Customers will come in and feel like they are walking through a store layout and not visiting separate booths of only items from that specific artist.  I love the idea of a show with this approach and am anxiously waiting to attend this event in June!

Just as I was impressed with their store, I am sure that Made in the 216 will have the same aesthetically pleasing layout and style as well as quality artists participating in this event. You can read more about this event on their website!

Overall, this was an amazing find and I am excited to have the chance to visit the store again today and do a little shopping.  If you live in Cleveland, I definitely recommend visiting Room Service.

4 friendly comments:

Kelly said...

this store looks so cool.

LittleBlueFeather said...

It really is! The people behind it are also very cool and artistic. Love places like this.

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

WOW, such a beautiful store, would love to have one like that near my house ;)

Anonymous said...

this store looks very cool!