Handmade ice cream bowls

One thing I love to do outside of work is hang out at the nearby art studio with the owner, Sarah.  She is an amazing artist, an unbelievably creative person and a great friend.  After saying too often that I didn't have the time to start new projects, my husband suggested making the time to do these things that I enjoy and are important to me.  I'm glad he made it more clear for me! 

I need to schedule time for projects.  
Remember to make time for all the things I love outside of work.
Tell myself that new art forms will spark new ideas and creativity. 
To practice new skills.
Step out of my comfort zone
and just have fun getting messy and making something new.

Today I did just that.  I went to the art studio without a specific idea in my mind.  I talked to Sarah and she suggested sitting in with her and a couple little giggly girls to make ice cream bowls.  I loved this idea {mainly because ice cream is my favorite food} and she invited me back next Tuesday morning for the same thing, but there will be six little kiddies making ice cream bowls!  

After 2 months away from the art studio, I came back today energized and excited to create.  I have a few classes and projects scheduled, and it feels really good to be back.  Tomorrow I will be finishing my piece and I will hopefully have it back just in time for my birthday and a great big ice cream sundae to help me bring in 27 in a few weeks!

2 friendly comments:

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

FUN!!!!! I like it!!

kendra @ little almanac said...

I want my own personalized ice cream bowl! How neat!