Hi Sunshine

Sunshine is such an influential thing.  When I see the sun shine through the blinds in my apartment, I instantly get this urge to drop what I am doing and get outside.  Sometimes I just hop in my car and go out for lunch or coffee while other times I grab my camera and seek out photography inspiration.  

This past week has given us northeast Ohioans three days of beautiful warm sunshine, which is very rare in the middle of winter.  One of my favorite things to do in our area is explore the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and photograph anything and everything.  It's actually sort of funny to me the things I have grown to love to photograph.  Five years ago, I only really took pictures of friends and family at parties and holidays.  

Today, I tend to just be in the moment at those events and then grab my camera when I am heading outside for a walk or outdoor event.  

Why is that?!  I'm not really sure.  I guess I have developed a passion for photographing the little things that I typically overlook without my camera.  When I take a walk through the park with my camera, I notice things in a different way.  I notice all the shadows, the light rays that shine through the clouds and trees, the colors and textures.  I can zoom in on things I wouldn't normally be able to see and get down on the ground to photograph different points of view.  

Photographing outside leaves me incredibly inspired and refreshed.   

What are your favorite subjects to photograph?!  I would love to hear how you find inspiration through photography!