Setting Schedules

One of my personal goals for 2012 is to not only establish a schedule, but to hop on board with Mr. Sharkey's schedule.  It isn't easy, but I already see the rewards to waking up at 5:30 AM!  That's right, I have joined other adults and am waking up at a big kid hour, as opposed to my old - oh, I'll just sleep until my body naturally wakes me 10AM. 

Lately, it is common to see me look like a walking zombie with a messy high ponytail trying to open my eyes and maintain balance as I wonder, what in the world am I doing up at 5:30 AM?!  Well, this is why:
  • It puts me on the same schedule as Mr. Sharkey and allows us to start the day together.
  • It forces me to get my day started earlier and I don't feel as rushed.
  • It helps me sleep better at night {because I am so exhausted from waking up insanely early}

Last year when I tried to do this, it sizzled out only a couple days in.  I said forget that! - I am more of an evening person so I am going to wake up whenever I feel like it and then stay up later because that is how I work best.  What I was really saying was: I don't like this so I am going to give up quickly and go back to what's comfortable.  I found myself restless at night, getting less done in a day and wishing my husband was more on my schedule, even though that was very unrealistic for his work.  Now we understand each other more and enjoy a little extra company in the mornings; not to mention I am finding his positive energy more and more contagious in the AM.  

Opposite of me, Mr. Sharkey is the overly happy, let's sing and dance and play with the dogs in the morning because life is so swell personality type.  It's actually hard for me to wake up and start my day off wrong when I am around him.  He is my motivation for keeping with my new schedule!  

Here is a look into how I am coping with turning into a morning person via cell phone photos:

Coffee is the first thing that happens in the mornings. 
I light a candle and play some tunes.  {This morning we got to sleep in until 7ish!!  That's only because hubs has been working looooong hours the past few days and needed the extra couple hours of sleep.}

The pups inhale their food.

I head outside for some cold fresh air with the pups.  This really wakes me up.

I spend time on the computer and the dogs go back to sleep.  Look closely, there are two pups in that bed; one of them always ends up buried in the covers...

3 friendly comments:

stephanie said...

wowza! 5:30 am? you. are. my. hero. you are kind of inspiring me to MAYBE start waking up earlier : )

Sarah said...

It blows my mind how awake Justin is in the mornings... Now with both of you like that I feel like I might get dogs thrown on my bed and yelled at in the morning twice as much when you guys come to visit!

LittleBlueFeather said...

Sarah: I'd be careful ;)